The Moon Tree Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the main purpose of educating the world’s society about an important part of our history, the United States Space Program, the United States Forest Service, and to inspire the globe's population with the living legacy of the Moon Trees.

                “One moon tree for every country in the world

Promoting peace and unification of our planet, to illustrate the point that our earth is a finite resource and that we must take care of it.  The Foundation will also produce several educational documentaries, including one called "The Moon Trees" which talks about the history of space travel and moon tree seeds.  

This Foundation is in honor of Stuart Roosa, who was an astronaut on Apollo 14, which flew in 1971.  2011 honor's the 40th anniversary of Apollo 14, whose crewmates also included Alan Shepard (our first American in space) and Edgar Mitchell.  Stu Roosa was a smokejumper, and in remembrance of the Forest Service, he took with him on his mission various tree seeds that were germinated and planted around the world, mostly during the Bicentennial of the United States. Since then the Moon Tree Foundation continues to fulfill its dream of planting second-generation moon trees all over the world.


Contributions can be sent to:
Moon Tree Foundation 
P.O. Box 4723 
Biloxi, MS  39535

Your generous support is greatly appreciated.